A Medley of HR Analytics Articles – July

By 30 juli 2018Artikelen, HR

Managing human resources is about to become easier

AI is changing the way firms screen, hire and manage their talent

“HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) is a poorly named department. It usually has few resources other than overworked staff, clunky technology and piles of employee handbooks. Hassled recruiters have to sort through reams of applications that vastly outnumber the jobs available. For example, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), a consumer-goods company, receives 1.2m applications for 25,000 positions every year. AI-enabled systems can scan applications far more quickly than humans and work out whether candidates are a good fit.”

The Economist

Reading People, Not Data, Is An Analytics Manager’s Most Important Skill

If you want to make sure data analytics are correctly understood you need to know your audience and vary your message

“I’ve spent the past five years as head of analytics at SONY Professional, where I have been lucky enough to have access to some of the best analytics technology available, but needed to cater to the needs of a company with a vast and complex structure.

Creating a data-informed culture is a passion of mine, and to do this right I’ve learned you need to  invest a lot of time shaping and informing the culture than just the data itself. Once good data has been captured and rendered into meaningful insights, it would be easy to assume the job of the analytics manager is complete.

But the reality is actually very different – producing a report should be just the first step of an effective analytics manager’s role.”

Computer Business Review

The Democratization of Data Science

“Want to catch tax cheats? The government of Rwanda does — and it’s finding them by studying anomalies in revenue-collection data.

Want to understand how American culture is changing? So does a budding sociologist in Indiana. He’s using data science to find patterns in the massive amounts of text people use each day to express their worldviews — patterns that no individual reader would be able to recognize.

Intelligent people find new uses for data science every day. Still, despite the explosion of interest in the data collected by just about every sector of American business — from financial companies and health care firms to management consultancies and the government — many organizations continue to relegate data-science knowledge to a small number of employees.”

Harvard Business Review

Take 5: A Guide to Getting Started and Succeeding with Data Analytics

Kellogg faculty offer advice for business leaders to improve their analytics strategies

“Everyone wants to make solid, data-driven decisions. Yet collecting and using data optimally can often feel daunting. Here some insights from Kellogg professors on how individuals, teams, and companies can feel comfortable with and get the most out of data analytics.”

Kellog Insight

Decoding Global Talent 2018

“Ask leaders at big companies what worries them, and one of the first things they’ll mention is the challenge of managing a workforce at a time of rapid change. Jobs being transformed by automation and artificial intelligence is one big concern—even if the full effects are still a few years off. Even now, with automation just starting, many positions require new digital capabilities or deep technical expertise. They’re hard to fill.”

Boston Consulting Group