HR Big Data: Fact or Fiction?

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While big-data and a data-driven mindset for HR can have a substantial impact on your business, it does not magically create value by itself. In this presentation, Brad Cook discusses what things to keep in mind when applying big-data in your HR department, what pitfalls to avoid and how to avoid them, and how to make optimal use of data for your business.

Marketing Analytics

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What Is Marketing Analytics and Why Does It Matters? In this presentation SAS software gives an overview of the critical aspects of Marketing Analytics, how it adds value, and why it should matter to your organization as well.

Science meets HR

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Presentatie: Prasad Setty, Vice President, People Operations – Analytics, Communications and Compensation
Company: Google

In this insightful presentation, Prasad Setty from google tackles a common worry about using data for managing people, the fear that people will merely become numbers in a black-box. He describes Google’s own initial foray into combining HR decisions and data, how it was met with resistance, and how they then focused on using data to inform people decisions rather than make people decisions for them. He furthermore underlines the importance of scientific literature for informing and shaping HR processes, and how it often trumps ‘best practices’ at Google.