A Medley of HR Analytics Articles – August

By 6 September 2018Articles

How and Where Diversity Drives Financial Performance

Rocio Lorenzo & Martin Reeves

Diversity is both an issue of fairness and, some say, a driver of innovation and performance. To assess the latter claim, we undertook a large, cross-country study into the relationship between multiple aspects of managerial diversity, the presence of enabling conditions such as leadership support for diversity, and innovation outcomes.

Harvard Business Review

Do you have the right leaders for your growth strategies?

Katharina Herrmann, Asmus Komm & Sven Smit

Is there a link between growth and specific leadership traits? We’ve tried to shed some light on this question by integrating two unique databases: McKinsey’s granular-growth database, with information on the growth performance of more than 700 companies, and a database created by the executive search firm Egon Zehnder International that contains performance appraisals of more than 100,000 senior executives.


How People Analytics Can Help You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy

Chantrelle Nielsen & Natalie McCullough

It seems like every business is struggling with the concept of transformation. Large incumbents are trying to keep pace with digital upstarts, and even digital native companies born as disruptors know that they need to transform. Take Uber: at only eight years old, it’s already upended the business model of taxis. Now it’s trying to move from a software platform to a robotics lab to build self-driving cars.

Harvard Business Review

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