The crystal ball – imagine it really existed. Well, predictive analytics are very much like a crystal ball of data.

Managers can gain insight into which products and services will be the most profitable in the future, but they can also get an understanding of the chances of losing customers or employees (churn analysis), who their most talented employees or most profitable customers are (data profile analysis) and so on.

A data-driven organization isn’t directed by intuition, but makes use of available data across the entire organization.

From descriptive to predictive

What does the data tell us? We look back (descriptive) and examine ‘why’ (diagnostic), we subsequently forecast (predictive) and recommend which actions would be best (prescriptive).


Smart forecasts for your organization! Developing sound forecasts and going through various scenarios now, will help you keep up and anticipate future developments.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Governing is all about anticipation, this includes having the right employees in the right places. Starting a Strategic Workforce Planning project means you’re taking control of the future.

Self-management processes

Data-driven decision making is excellent, but automated data-driven processes deliver true relevance. Current technologies can make it happen!


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