Best HR-analytics Articles of June

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People analytics: driving business performance with people data


To better understand how people analytics is being used to understand people data, CIPD and Workday surveyed 3,852 business professionals worldwide about their views and opinions. What are their findings?

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There’s No Such Thing as Big Data in HR

Harvard Business Review

For most companies, the challenge in HR is simply to use data at all — the reason being that the data associated with different tasks such as hiring and performance management, often reside in different databases. Unless we can get the data in those two databases to be compatible, there is no way to ask even the most basic questions, such as which applicant attributes predict who will be a good performer.

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Statistics for people in a hurry


Ever wished someone would just tell you what the point of statistics is and what the jargon means in plain English? Let me try to grant that wish for you! I’ll zoom through all the biggest ideas in statistics in 8 minutes! Or just 1 minute, if you stick to the large font bits.

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