Data management is a bit like clean water. Clean drinking water is of vital importance; imagine it was contaminated? ‘Clean’ data is the basis for good reports and analyses and thus for a successful organization.

Many data analysts spend 50-80% of their time on data preparation. This heavily influences the amount of time left to obtain new insights. Organizing responsibilities and processes with regards to data quality and setting up an adequate data warehouse ensures that your data remains accurate and up to date in the long run.

Designing a data management system

Data quality is everybody’s concern. But nobody feels responsible. Time to put data governance on the agenda!

Improving data quality

Poor data quality can lead to poor decisions. Improving data quality is a continuous process of analysing, improving source data and processes, and measuring.

Aligning data definitions

We speak the same language and yet we don’t understand each other. Improve coordination through a shared library of Performance Indicators.

Setting up a data warehouse

A single source of truth, such as a DWH or a data lake, is the foundation of a good business analytics environment, leading to better business decisions.


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