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Online cursus - HR Analytics en HR Metrics

AnalitiQs HR Academy offers in-house training programmes and workshops for all of the various HR positions in your organisation to help you to take your People Analytics skills to a higher level. 

AnalitiQs HR Academy is unique in that its trainers are hands-on People Analytics professionals alongside their teaching practice. This means that they are well aware of the latest developments and the obstacles in daily practice and can bring the theory to life through inspiring HR examples.  

With customer reviews averaging 8.9, AnalitiQs’ People Analytics training courses and workshops are the highest-ranking courses in the market! 

The data revolution has had a tremendous impact on the HR business. HR professionals are expected to work in a data-driven manner. The impact of a data-driven approach differs per HR role:  

  • For HR Business Partners, the focus is on formulating the HR analysis questions, interpreting the HR dashboards and turning information into action.
  • HR Analysts will actually be working with the data itself. This includes linking files, structuring and visualising data and even carrying out strategic analyses.

HR Analytics Training

AnalitiQs HR Academy offers open-enrolment courses, in-house training programmes and workshops for all of the various HR positions in your organisation, to help you to further your People Analytics skills. 

What are the benefits of an AnalitiQs HR training course?

An AnalitiQs People Analytics training course allows you to better support your clients with data-driven advice and input. In addition, a demonstrable investment in data-driven working as a competence will make you more sustainably employable. 

Moreover, all People Analytics training courses are tailored to the specific relevant HR roles. To find out about the particular benefits of each training course, please select your course of interest from the course overview. 

How to enrol for an HR training course?

Are you interested in following an AnalitiQs HR Academy open-enrolment training course? Please select one of the training courses from the course overview. 

Are you looking to follow a training course together with a colleague? We offer a discount to all AnalitiQs HR Academy students who bring a colleague. In other words, we increase the return on your personal training budget. Yet another benefit we would love to extend to you and everyone else! 

  • Are you bringing one colleague (+1)? Both of you will get a 5% discount. 
  • Are you bringing two or three colleagues (+2 or +3)? Everyone will get a 10% discount. 
  • If you enrol with five or more participants (+4 or over), everyone will get a 15% discount. 

Which HR training courses does AnalitiQs offer?

Gotten curious about AnalitiQs’ HR training courses? Click on one of our HR Analytics training courses in the course overview. 

How can I enrol for an in-house training programme?

Looking to discuss the possibilities for an AnalitiQs HR Academy in-house training programme? Feel free to contact us. 

People Analytics Workshop 

Does your organisation have questions about People Analytics? Is your organisation looking for inspiration in the area of People Analytics? Then a People Analytics workshop is the right choice for you! 

What are the benefits of a People Analytics workshop?

A People Analytics workshop answers any questions about People Analytics that are relevant for your organisation and provides your organisation with a healthy dose of People Analytics inspiration. 

After this workshop, the soil is fertile for your team to take serious steps in People Analytics. 

So are you organising a team-building event, an awayday or an MT meeting, and does your organisation need inspiration or answers regarding People Analytics issues? Then our People Analytics workshop is the ideal format to get you started! 

What sorts of questions are addressed during a People Analytics workshop?

No People Analytics question is ever out of bounds. The list below of questions asked and answered in the past may offer you a taste: 

  • What is People Analytics? 
  • What are examples of People Analytics? 
  • What is the value of People Analytics? 
  • How can we become data driven in our HR position? 
  • Where do we start with People Analytics? 
  • How do we get from reporting to analysing? 
  • Where in the organisation should we position the People Analytics team? 
  • Which People Analytics roles are there, what do these roles comprise and how do they collaborate? 

I want to order a People Analytics workshop

If you believe that a People Analytics workshop is interesting for you, feel free to contact us. We will first hold an intake meeting with you to discuss your questions and targets. After this, we will estimate how much time we need to develop and teach a workshop. 

Once it has become clear that we will be working together, AnalitiQs will create an initial outline of the workshop, which will be discussed with a number of key players in your organisation. Based on this outline, a final version will be created, and the workshop will be taught by one of AnalitiQs’ experienced People Analytics professionals. After the workshop, AnalitiQs will provide a short workshop report containing the actions taken, decisions made and recommendations provided. 

Do you want more information? Feel free to contact us!

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