HR-Analytics Workshop

3-hour workshop | For teams | in-company

The HR Analytics workshop is specifically designed for teams. During a 3-hour session, we’ll introduce you and your team to HR Analytics.

After this session, you’ll have a shared vision of HR Analytics, you and your team will understand what you can achieve by analysing employee data, you’ll know about the pitfalls as well as how you can get started.

As part of the workshop, we’ll share some examples that may inspire you and that you can learn from, but we’ll also provide you with a realistic view of the opportunities in your own company, based on its current situation. We’ll work on some tasks together too, so that you can get going straight away!

We design these sessions in accordance with a proven concept. But the organization-specific parts are tailor-made of course. Get in touch, so that we can make an appointment and discuss your specific needs and wishes.

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I would like to thank you for the great presentation. I received many positive reactions from our colleagues in the (virtual) room and I believe we all walked away with new insights and … with that inspiration we were hoping for 😊. 
Personally, I enjoyed it immensely and I know l will be rewatching the recording to make sure we take the learnings and implement them.

Nicoline van Kappel
Manager HR Reporting & Analytics
Akzo Nobel

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