HR ROI analysis 


HR professionals use various interventions to optimise the performance of an organisation. An intervention can be a changem or a transformation trajectory, but also a course/training, an awareness programme or a management/leadership development track. 

A key question surrounding all of these interventions is: does the intervention have the desired effect? Or to put it more straightforward: what is the return on investment (ROI) of the intervention? For example: 

– Do employees have a greater sense of work independence after an Agile transformation, and does that make them more committed? 

– Does a vitality programme increase one’s ability to work and capacity to recover? 

– Does a sales training lead to a significant increase in turnover, and does it have a positive impact on customer satisfaction? 

ROI Analyse


AnalitiQs helps organizations to find answers to the above questions by means of an HR ROI analysis. Such an analysis starts by making a joint inventory of the goals to be achieved by the intervention and the data already available to answer the ROI question. 

If necessary, AnalitiQs will conduct an employee survey to retrieve the necessary data. The relevant data can be HR data on matters such as engagement, absenteeism, turnover or ability to work but may also include other data, e.g. on turnover, profit, customer satisfaction or innovation capacity. AnalitiQs subsequently uses this data to reveal any significant changes compared to the past and/or to a control group. 

End product

A concise report explains which goals were set and to what extent these goals have been achieved. These insights help to decide whether to discontinue, adapt, continue or scale up the intervention. 

Curious to read an example? Have a look at our Vitality Programme HR ROI analysis case example (DUTCH). 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to carry out an HR ROI analysis after an intervention? 

This can be done if data are available from before and after the intervention of both the participants and the control group. 

How can you rule out coincidence? 

Ideally, by having a control group that operates in the same context and/or by carrying out a baseline measurement and follow-up measurements. 

How many participants must an intervention have to carry out an ROI measurement? 

This depends on the context. As a rule of thumb, AnalitiQs adheres to a minimum of 50 participants in both the control group and the intervention group (with at least 50% of respondents in each group having participated in both the baseline and the effect measurement). 

Please note that, when carrying out ROI Analyses for interventions on behalf of management, their subordinates are seen as the subjects of the analysis (thus again requiring a minimum of 50 participants for both the intervention and control group). As a result, fewer participants are required in the intervention. 

Is it possible to carry out an HR ROI analysis without using data at the individual level? 

This is only possible if the intervention involves the entire team. It would also require a relatively large number of teams. 

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