You’re not right until people say you’re right. A good report is the crowning glory of the analyst’s work if it communicates a clear and convincing message. That way, it’s easy for managers and directors to apply the insights by adapting their policies or undertaking certain actions.

To assess whether implemented changes and actions actually have the intended effects, Key Performance Indicators are a crucial tool. And the way in which results are visualized, largely determine the effectiveness of dashboards and reports.

Key Performance Indicators

Action-oriented, predictive Key Performance Indicators with substantiated, realistic, yet challenging target values, are the foundation of good dashboards.

Data visualization

93% of human communication is non-verbal. Well-thought-out graphs and tables enable faster and clearer communication.


From strategy to KPIs, from strategy map to your scorecard, we’ll guide you towards a coherent set that will help you monitor your strategy in an efficient matter.

Designing and constructing

We design and deliver tailor-made reporting solutions. There are two options: we can either work at the client’s office, or we can simply deliver a product, which we call ‘Reporting as a service’.


Which we are proud of