Listen to what your customer, your employee, the applicant and the public have to say. Just like internal data can provide answers to ‘What?’ and ‘How many?’, market research can provide answers to ‘Why?’. Traditionally by organizing focus groups and conducting interviews and quantitative research and nowadays also by gaining insights from things like social media and email.

We’re not trying to be the largest market research firm, but we do want to be the best. Reliable and accurate, providing straightforward reports and practical business solutions. And we link our research to your internal data!


What do you need to do to get your employees and customers excited? Our insights will help you turn your relations into fans and ambassadors.

Big data research

The number of sources from which we can draw information is rapidly increasing. Combining these new data sources with traditional research provides rock solid insights!

Quantitative & qualitative

Quantitative research provides hard numbers that help you calculate your business case. Qualitative research provides in-depth knowledge.


A lot of our research is international. By maintaining a central approach and close collaboration with our partners abroad, we achieve the highest quality.


Which we are proud of