Working at AnalitiQs?

A job at AnalitiQs? You know you want it! 

AnalitiQs is not just any consultancy agency. Everything we do is about making a positive contribution to society. Yes, we are primarily into data and research, but always with a focus on human behaviour. And by combining these two fields, your work becomes super interesting. What’s more, we care deeply about your development, establishing a long-term relationship with you and co-shaping your future. As a result, you get the best of both worlds: you will be part of a great, young and entrepreneurial team, where everybody helps each other out and where there is no trace of a macho culture. To top it all off, you get to do research for large companies and major brands! 

Relevant work

At AnalitiQs, we are specialised in HR Analytics. This means we help organisations to tackle their staffing and structuring issues. These issues include:  

  • How to increase staff wellbeing? 
  • How to ensure that staff are involved and inspired at work?> 
  • How to ensure that staff feel included? 
  • How to prevent high-performing staff from leaving? 
  • How to ensure equal pay and equal opportunities in application procedures for staff from various backgrounds, including gender and ethnicity? 

When working for AnalitiQs, you get to apply your knowledge of data & analytics to offer others a good employee experience and to help create a society in which people are treated equally, regardless of their background. Thus, relevant work with a positive impact!  

 I come from a background in applied mathematics. Even at the time, I enjoyed it more than theoretical mathematics. Since it really enables you to make a contribution; you do calculations to bring value.” That is also true for my work at AnalitiQs! I get to carry out my projects from beginning to end. There is client contact, where you inventory their needs, perform data analyses and present the results. It is fun to make recommendations and find that your work is actually getting some follow-up! That makes the work very versatile.

RamonaSenior data scientist

Teamwork makes the dream work   

The founders of AnalitiQs Irma & Gido, believe that work should not only be challenging, but also pleasant. When they started AnalitiQs, they decided to build a team that would function as a whole and where everybody’s contribution would be valued. 

To achieve this (having fun at work and being one team), we do some things differently at AnalitiQs. Which things? Things large and small; too much to mention, really. We can give you an example. 

At many consultancy agencies, everybody has their own personal targets, and at some, partners even have their own profit and loss accounts. This puts a strong emphasis on sales. At AnalitiQs, we have one set of targets for all. During our 4 team days, all staff are informed about the progress regarding these common targets. When necessary, we decide together which additional efforts are needed to achieve them. Once a target has been reached, everybody shares in the profit, because we are one team. This means no individual targets and equal praise for those doing the service delivery and those doing the acquisition. That is how we avoid the scheming and rivalry to secure individual bonuses. 

From day one, my team made me feel welcome and appreciated, and my colleagues soon became friends. In addition, I get to learn new things every day, under the guidance of colleagues with a wealth of experience. The company also has a pleasant, sociable and informal culture, where everybody is ready to help you and where there is always room for drinks and good times! The coffee is great, there are showers for the sporty types and there is a shuffleboard and beer pong for Friday afternoons. There is also a room where we have lunch together every day, and the fridge is always full of beer and snacks! 

Koen junior kwantitatief onderzoeker

Growing together

At AnalitiQs, we believe in long-term relationships with our clients and our staff. This includes a permanent contract, hybrid working, a pleasant, accessible office and, of course, a competitive salary. It also includes continuous development. AnalitiQs staff are inquisitive people who like to develop themselves broadly. Seeking out new challenges keeps the mind sharp and the work challenging. It also ensures broad staff employability. Win-win! 

We do a number of things to promote continuous development: AnalitiQs is active in employee research, Business Intelligence Data Science, data-driven transformations and training courses. This gives you plenty of opportunities to develop yourself broadly, both technically and functionally. And for those looking to foray into Marketing Analytics, there is also our sister company, NoTies. In order to ensure that everyone is challenged at work, the entire team meets every week to match (staff) supply and (client) demand. 

As a translator, I develop HR Analytics strategies and roadmaps together with my clients. Alongside employee research, reporting and advanced analytics, these strategies and roadmaps include issues that determine the success of HR Analytics, such as privacy, technology, leadership and data management. I then help my clients to implement their roadmaps. I use my knowledge of IT, HR and Analytics, as well as my experience as a programme manager to achieve a smooth transition to a more data-driven way of working.

AlexHR Analytics translator

In addition, each staff member at AnalitiQs is entitled to 10 self-development days per year. Experienced professionals can use these days for activities such as coaching (every employee gets a coach), attending conferences, online learning (e.g. via DataCamp) and training. There is even an HR Analytics Traineeship for starters!  

Starters get a HR Analytics traineeship!  

Every starter at AnalitiQs follows an HR Analytics traineeship in their first two years, to ensure that they rapidly develop into broadly deployable HR Analytics professionals. The HR Analytics traineeship is a mix of in-house AnalitiQs training courses and external courses. The table below presents an overview of the mandatory training courses for starters. Of course, there is still room for tailoring if necessary.  

I’ve only just started with AnalitiQs, and I am very happy about my first couple of weeks. And who else could claim that they had already started before they even got started 😉? I can: before I started working here, I had already followed a 5-day training course in HR analytics, which was very interesting. When I got started, I was assigned a buddy and a mentor. That was a very pleasant experience; they helped me a lot and showed me the ropes in the first few days! And they are still there for me if I have any questions. 

Nele Junior data scientist

Best of both worlds: compact team, major brands, complex issues  

The good thing about working for a corporate organisation is that you get to carry out large projects involving large quantities of data. AnalitiQs works for such organisations, getting on board as soon as the budget is secured and the (research) question is clear. In addition, we are hired for more complex jobs that organisations are unable to carry out themselves. As such, AnalitiQs offers you the best of both worlds: on the one hand, you get to work in a pleasant, transparent crew that functions as one. On the other hand, you will be working for large brands with complex challenges. The best of both worlds indeed! 


What connects us all at AnalitiQs is our two great loves: a love of data and a fascination for human behaviour.  Everyone who shares these loves is more than welcome, regardless of background, belief, sexual orientation, identity, etc. So, don’t hesitate to apply! 

If we see a match based on your application, we will contact you for an online meeting first. This will be followed by an interview and a case presentation. Finally, we will discuss the terms of employment. Please note that pre-employment screening is part of our procedure. 


When I decided to join AnalitiQs as an Officemanager/HR officer 5 years ago, I did so, on the one hand, because I felt I could really contribute to a small company (of 6 employees at the time), and make a difference there. On the other hand, I was captivated by the boundless enthusiasm of the Managing Directors and their colleagues. Meanwhile, we have grown into a more mature company, employing around 25 colleagues. As we continue to grow, are constantly changing and no two days are ever the same, the enthusiasm is still there in spades!

Claudia – Office Manager

How do i apply?

If we see a match based on your application, we would like to meet via Teams first. This will be followed by an interview and a case presentation. Finally, we will discuss the terms of employment. Please note that pre-employment screening is part of our procedure.  


What is AnalitiQs’ mission/vision?

AnalitiQs got started based on a few simple ideas. Curious? Read all about them here! 

How did the company start?

If you have ever read Paolo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, you know that there is no such thing as coincidence – and if you haven’t, read it! 😉 This also applies to how Irma & Gido met. Irma started AnalitiQs in 2021 after quitting her job as Director of Market, Business & Customer Intelligence at TomTom. At the time, Gido lived in London, where he worked as a self-employed HR Transformation Consultant. ‘By coincidence’, they met at the HR Tech fair held at the RAI in Amsterdam, started talking and felt a click! After this energetic first meeting, they decided to collaborate on the Global HR Dashboard project of Belgian insurance company Ageas in 2014. When Gido decided to return to the Netherlands in the same year, and both Irma and he were looking for a new business partner to help expand their companies, they joined hands. And what a success that was! 

On 1 March 2015, AnalitiQs saw the light after the merger of Gido’s and Irma’s private limited companies. Since that merger, the AnalitiQs Group has grown to become a market leader and authority in the field of HR Analytics under the AnalitiQs label. The other label of the AnalitiQs Group is No Ties. No Ties operates in the field of Marketing Analytics and is a key player in market research. The AnalitiQs Group employs 25 people and serves some of the most prominent organisations at home and abroad from its offices in Amsterdam. As we said, there is no such thing as coincidence! 

What are its terms of employment?


  • Competitive base salary  
  • Profit sharing for everyone  (dependent on operating profit)
  • Participation in the pension scheme, without own contribution


  • 8% holiday allowance  
  • 20 holidays 
  • Additional holidays possible in consultation

Travel expenses 

  • NS Business Card – full compensation of all home-to-work commuter travel  
  • Own means of transport – up to 50 km one way, on a declaration basis 

Training & Development 

  • 10 development days per year  
  • Starters: Opportunity to attend various training courses, including HR Analytics, Power BI, Excel, Statistics, Project Management etc.   
  • Experienced professionals: needs are discussed and a plan is drawn up.  
  • Subscriptions to Datacamp 


  • Buddy for onboarding  
  • Mentoring by a senior colleague 


  • Phone 
  • Laptop  

Additional perks 

  • Unlimited supplies of great coffee, tea, cookies, etc. 😜 
  • Regular team events
  • Flexible working (2 days in the office)


What are its fields of expertise?

  • Data visualisation: PowerBI (check the demo HR Dashboard for inspiration), Tableau, MicroStrategy, Qlik, Spotfire, Excel  
  • Data science / analysis: R, Python, SPSS, Microsoft Azure (datafactory, datalake, databricks)  
  • Employee research: “V” research software developed by sister company  No Ties, SurveyMonkey/Momentive. 

What sorts of positions are available?

At AnalitiQs, we distinguish between six roles: HR Analytics translator/consultant, market researcher, data scientist, data engineer, BI developer and software/system engineer. Within each of these roles, we distinguish several levels based on experience, running from junior to principal.  

In addition, there is room for further focus within each role: you can develop into a super expert and/or trainer, for example, but you can also choose to take a broader perspective and become a project manager for example, e.g. as project manager and/or management.  

Interested? Contact us!

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Irma Doze

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