Vacancy for a People Data Scientist 

Do you want to put your data skills to meaningful use and work for major brands without entering the dynamics of large corporates? Then this is the job for you!  

Your impact as a People Data Scientist?

Suppose you can work magic with data. And suppose you can choose between a role that’s all about getting more clicks or one that allows you to make a positive contribution to society. Which one would you choose?  

People Analytics is about people issues in an organizational context. Think of questions like:   

  • Which absenteeism is at risk of becoming prolonged absenteeism?   
  • Which factors need to be influenced in order to achieve an inclusive workplace?  
  • How can teams be optimally configured to achieve the goal of employee satisfaction?   
  • How can employee journeys, such as onboarding, be improved? 
  • How can employees be prevented from leaving the organisation early? 

As a People Data Scientist you generate data-driven insights that organisations can use to improve their Employee Experience. In this way, your work has social relevance, and you help to create value for organisations. 

People Data Scientist

As a People Data Scientist, your focus is on HR and organisational issues. These are issues related to the entire employee lifecycle, i.e. from attracting people to developing them, rewarding them and finally letting them go. They may also involve workforce planning (i.e. how many people with which competencies are needed at any given time so as to achieve the organisation’s plans?) and organisational structure (e.g. how many layers are optimal and what is the best span of control for managers?). 

To answer these questions, a People Data Scientist naturally uses typical HR datasets, such as data from the personnel and payroll administration package, the talent management suite, or employee surveys. But your job doesn’t stop there! These typical HR datasets are supplemented with data from financial, operational, marketing and sales systems, so as to ultimately generate the best insights.  

Once the data has been collected, data-science techniques are used to develop explanatory, predictive and prescriptive models. With these models, the employee experience is improved and organisational performance is optimised, truly turning data into profit! 

As a People Data Scientist you will play a key role in People Analytics projects. Depending on your work experience, you will assume more of a leading role in your team and in client contact. As a senior, you decide on the methodological and technological approach. As a junior, you will be working under the inspirational guidance of a senior. As a medior, you will be anywhere in between.  

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Your job as a Data Scientist at AnalitiQs 

Depending on your work experience you will be acting as a junior, medior or senior data scientist. Below is a brief description of the tasks involved per level.  

Senior People Data Scientist

You independently perform the analysis process and/or lead projects, in which you manage juniors and/or mediors. You are ultimately responsible for:  

  • The approach to and management of the project (time, budget, quality monitoring)   
  • The intake of projects (e.g. through interviews/workshops)
  • Assessing the feasibility of carrying out the assignment in accordance with the proposal  
  • Identifying any additional activities   
  • Designing means for data-modelling (i.e. models)   
  • Preparing data  
  • Performing descriptive and diagnostic analyses   
  • Building more complex predictive analytics/machine-learning models  
  • Developing new methodologies related to product and business development  
  • Testing and validating analyses and models  
  • Visualising results in dashboards
  • Reporting results, insights, conclusions and recommendations  
  • Making and giving presentations, including advice on subsequent steps  
  • Documenting definitions and analyses performed 

Medior People Data Scientist

You will independently perform components of the analysis process under the supervision of a senior data scientist and/or translator. Your tasks include:  

  • Exploring data, checking the availability and quality of data, signalling possible issues in the execution of the project  
  • Preparing data  
  • Performing descriptive and diagnostic analyses (according to existing methodologies and working methods within the AnalitiQs Group)  
  • Building more complex predictive analytics/machine-learning models (according to existing methodologies and working methods within the AnalitiQs Group)
  • Testing and validating analyses and models  
  • Visualising results in dashboards  
  • Reporting results, insights, conclusions and recommendations  
  • Making presentations  
  • Documenting definitions and analyses performed

Junior people Data Scientist

Under the supervision of a medior or senior data scientist, you will carry out parts of the analysis process. Your tasks include:  

  • Preparing data  
  • Performing descriptive and diagnostic analyses (according to existing methodologies and working methods within the AnalitiQs Group)  
  • Building simple predictive analytics / machine learning models (according to existing methodologies and working methods within the AnalitiQs Group)  
  • Testing and validating analyses and models  
  • Visualising results in dashboards  
  • Reporting results, insights, conclusions and recommendations  
  • Documenting definitions and analyses performed 

Who are you? 

Our ideal candidate for this Data Science role has a passion for data, a passion for human behaviour and consciously chooses to work for an entrepreneurial organisation that puts teamwork first.   

We have detailed our requirements below. If yours is not a full match, don’t hesitate to apply anyway. There is always room for learning! 


  •  Master’s degree or higher

Work experience 

  • Work experience on the agency side is a plus
  • Work experience in/with HR is a plus

Hard skills 

  • Knowledge of and experience with data-science methods and techniques
  • Excellent with Excel, R, Python
  • Ample understanding of and work experience with data platforms such as Azure / Data Bricks
  • Data-visualisation methods and tooling such as PowerBI
  • Story-telling methods (the Pyramid Principle) and tooling such as PPT
  • Excellent project-management skills

Soft skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent consultancy skills
  • The ability to remain calm and maintain an overview under pressure
  • Self-starting
  • The ability to oversee environments with a certain degree of ambiguity

Language skills

  • Fluency in English

We offer


  • AnalitiQs helps clients with issues such as wellbeing, absenteeism, diversity, inclusion and equality. In this job you will be making a positive contribution to society! 


  • You are more than welcome at the office, but you can also work from home, or from another place   
  • Working hours are flexible 
  • Would you like more holidays than what is offered? We’ll think along with you  
  • This job allows for one part-time day per week  

Pleasant work environment  

  • A low-politics environment in which you can spend most of your time on professional matters  
  • Short lines of communication, so you can keep sight of and influence on what happens with the insights generated by you and your team  
  • Focus on “the team” and “performance as a team”, i.e. no personal targets and the ensuing dynamics 
  • A pleasant, easy-to-reach office   
  • Regular team gatherings  
  • After-work drinks and sports activities for those who feel like it  

Genuine attention to development  

  • Monthly coaching by a senior colleague   
  • 10 development days per year  
  • Access to all AnalitiQs training courses and Data Camp  
  • Personal development plan with matching investments  

And excellent remuneration  

  • A competitive salary 
  • 10.1% personal budget
  • Profit sharing (dependent on operating profit)
  • Participation in the pension scheme, without own contribution
  • 20 holidays – with the option to increase the # of days, using (part of) the personal budget
  • Telephone & laptop
  • Coverage of travel expenses (mileage allowance up to 50KM one way, public transport fully reimbursed)  

About the AnalitiQs group 

AnalitiQs was founded based on a few simple ideas: 

  • The basic conviction is that data-driven decisions are superior.   
  • Especially when the data analysis takes place with knowledge of the context. This is why AnalitiQs has specialized in People challenges.  
  • Within People Analytics, AnalitiQs is a one-stop shop. This means that we help our clients with employee surveys, HR Dashboards, HR Data Science, HR Data Management, Training and Transformation services.
  • Finally, work should, above all, be fun. Hence the high degree of self-management, one common target, lack of hierarchy and regular group activities.  
  • Based on these ideas and by constantly providing a high quality of service, a club of 25 People Analytics specialists has formed over the years.

As per 1 Dec 2022 AnalitiQs is part of the Highberg Group. As part of the group AnalitiQs will continue its growth journey.

Diversity – Inclusiveness – Equal opportunities 

Found a job opening that you are excited about? Sometimes doubt can keep you from applying. For those in doubt, please know that we are aware that there is no such thing as the perfect candidate. So, however you identify and whatever path you have chosen, we would love to hear from you! At AnalitiQs, we welcome all talent willing to work with us towards achieving our company mission: to let as many companies as possible experience the power of data. Are you interested? 

Interested in our vacancy for a People Data Scientist in Amsterdam? 

If you have any questions about this position, please contact us at If you would like to apply immediately, please send your CV and a cover letter to the above e-mail address. 

If we believe there is a match, we would like to meet you digitally first. This will be followed by an interview and a case presentation at our office. After that, we will discuss the terms of employment. 

Pre-employment screening is part of our procedure. 

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