Privacy & Cookie Statement 

Who are we? 

We are AnalitiQs B.V. AnalitiQs is located at Zekeringstraat 17A, 1014 BM in Amsterdam. We translate data into value for our clients through consultancy, training, project management, data management, research, reporting and analysis. We are a member of the MOA, a trade association that represents the interests of (virtual) respondents, users and providers of analytics, marketing research and opinion and policy research. 

We process personal data for the benefit of our services to our (potential) customers and course participants but also on behalf of our clients. For the sake of readability, the Privacy & Cookie Statement below is further subdivided into separate sections for each of these purposes. 

Our general principles for processing personal data 

In processing personal data, we adhere to the following principles: 

  • We process personal data fairly and lawfully. We use and respect the Fair Data Privacy Code of the MOA, which relies on the principles of privacy and anonymity. We will not collect, store or process personal data if there is any uncertainty about whether the rules of the GDPR have been observed and other legislation complied with. 
  • We will never mislead anyone about the purpose for which their personal data is used. We will never use personal data deployed in the performance of our services for other purposes. AnalitiQs reserves the right, however, to use the outcomes of research, reports or analyses for benchmarking purposes, provided that the scores of the client cannot be traced back to individuals and AnalitiQs does not breach its obligation of confidentiality of information and personal data. 
  • We will carefully store, secure and process personal data. This means that we will protect personal data as best as reasonably possible to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. 
  • We adhere to the principle that personal data in reports are always anonymous. This is achieved by not including these personal data in reports in any traceable, linkable and deducible manner. We will only include directly identifying personal data in our reports if all requirements under the GDPR  and other legislation have been met (e.g. after receiving your unambiguous consent). 
  • We will not store the personal data that we process any longer than necessary to achieve the purpose of the data processing or required under the Dutch Archives Act (Archiefwet). 
  • We impose the same requirements on any subcontractors involved in the provision of our services. 

Personal data that we process 

1. Personal data for the benefit of our own service provision 

2. Personal data on behalf of our clients 

Processing of personal data for the purpose of service provision 

Service provision 

We process personal data to be able to deliver our services. We use the data, for example, to issue a quotation on request and then to implement the agreement, to maintain the relationship with you in relation to the assignment, to process and confirm a registration for a training course or to send an invoice. We also use personal data to answer requests for information, in which event it is our legitimate interest to process your personal data for this purpose. 

Marketing and sales activities 

We like to inform our clients about news, offers and other relevant (professional) content related to our services, in accordance with the relevant regulations or because we have their explicit permission to do so. We can do so by telephone, e-mail, newsletter or direct personal contact. Of course, you can always indicate that you do not – or no longer – wish to receive this information. 

We use a website to promote our services. This means that we have access to various personal data of those visiting our website. 


Our website only uses technical cookies and Google Analytics cookies. A cookie is a small file that is sent along with the pages of our website and stored on your device by your browser. The information stored in this file can be sent back to our servers during a subsequent visit. You can delete cookies through your browser settings. 

We use the following cookies: 

  • Technical cookies ensure that the website functions properly. 
  • Google Analytics cookies collect anonymised personal data on website use and help us to optimise our website. To this end, we have concluded a processing agreement with Google. The last 3 digits of your IP address are anonymised. In addition, the ‘data sharing’ option within Google Analytics has been switched off, and no other Google services are used in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. 

Retention period of personal data 

We will not use your personal data any longer than necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected. Personal data may still be kept for legal, historical, statistical or scientific purposes however. The retention period depends on the nature of the information and the purposes of the processing: 

  • Insofar as personal data are involved in the fiscal retention obligation: 7 years 
  • Client data and course participant data: 5 years 
  • Prospects and interested parties who have subscribed to receiving updates from AnalitiQs: until unsubscription  
  • For application procedures: 4 weeks; or 1 year after your permission. 

Personal data will be deleted when the retention period ends, whereby ‘deletion’ means that the personal data will be (i) destroyed in a thorough and safe manner or (ii) anonymised. 

Processing of personal data on behalf of our clients 

AnalitiQs is a trusted third party for organisations and their clients or employees. The ambition is to put the needs of the organization first, without losing sight of the interest of the individual. When presented with dilemmas, we start a dialogue with our clients.  

By choosing AnalitiQs, organisations can rest assured that quality, privacy and security come first. Honest and confidential treatment of data is one of the cornerstones of our organization. We protect the personal data entrusted to us through tight security measures and encryption. 

We are transparent about handling the personal data of our clients, their customers and their employees. Whenever our clients carry their own responsibility, we assist them in doing so. 

We strive to keep our services reliable and of high quality. As such, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and tailor our services as best we can to the needs of the client’s organization without losing sight of the interests of the individual. 

We respect the privacy of every individual and ensure that the personal information provided to us is treated confidentially. The processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the requirements set out in the General Data Protection Regulation. 

AnalitiQs services that involve personal data 

AnalitiQs offers services in the field of data management, research, reporting and data analysis. Due to the nature of these services, AnalitiQs also processes personal data for and on behalf of its clients.  

Data that we process for our clients 

  1. Data that we collect ourselves 

We do research for our clients and receive personal data from them, so as to invite you to participate. When we do so, we will inform you of the purpose of the research and, on request, who our client is. In this way, you can always verify with them whether they were allowed to share the personal data with us. Participation in our surveys is entirely voluntary: you decide whether you want to participate. We do not collect more personal data than necessary for the purpose of the study. We do not directly approach any young people under the age of 16 to participate in research. If a study is specifically aimed at young people or children under 16, we will approach them through their parents or guardians. 

  1. Data that we receive from clients. We receive personal data from our clients, which they have collected – under their responsibility and in accordance with their respective privacy policies – and shared with us. 

We process these personal data as part of our service provision, within the boundaries indicated by our clients, but also limited by our own privacy principles. 


We take the protection of your personal data seriously and take appropriate measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised changes. Personal data is usually stored on servers in data centres within the EU. Google (Analytics) and MailChimp (used for our updates) are based in the United States and are certified for the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. 

Your privacy rights 

You have the right to access your personal data. Please send an access request if you want to know which of your personal data have been processed by AnalitiQs. 

If your personal data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant,  you can make an additional request to have your personal data changed or supplemented. In a number of cases, you can ask for your personal details to be removed or deleted. 

If you wish to receive your (digital) personal data as processed by AnalitiQs, you can invoke your right to data portability. This means that your personal data will be provided to you in a format that can easily be transferred to another organization if desired. 

You can also request limited processing of your personal data or object to its processing altogether. 

If you seek access to or correction of processed personal data or if you wish to file an objection to data processing, please contact AnalitiQs via or write to the postal address below. To ensure that the request or objection is indeed yours, we ask that you include a copy of your identity document. In order to protect your privacy, please blacken your passport photo, MRZ (machine readable zone with numbers at the bottom of the passport), passport number and citizen service number/social security number on the copy. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible and within four weeks. 

Please be aware that you have the option to file a complaint with the national regulator, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.  

AnalitiQs B.V. 
Attn to Irma Doze 
Zekeringstraat 17A 
1014 BM Amsterdam 

This Privacy & Cookie Statement was last updated in June 2018. Please check this page for any updates to the statement. 

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