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AnalitiQs started from three simple beliefs;

  • Data-driven decisions lead to better performance. Thence: AnalitiQs; turning data into profit.
  • Contextual knowledge is crucial to get to the essence quickly and to prevent misinterpretation of data. Therefrom a focus on HR issues.
  • Employee research, HR Dashboarding and HR Analyzes are not separate disciplines. They have strong interdependencies and by combining them, organizations become truly data-driven. Hence an integrated range of services.


It is the mission of AnalitiQs to let as many organizations as possible experience the power of data.


In 2012, Irma Doze exchanged her position as Director Market, Business & Customer Intelligence director for a life as an entrepreneur. She started the company AnalitiQs.

In 2012, Gido van Puijenbroek left Kirkman Company and settled in London as an independent HR Transformation consultant.

In 2013, Irma and Gido crossed paths during an HR Tech fair in the RAI in Amsterdam. After an energetic introduction, they decided in 2014 to work together on a Global HR Dashboard project at the Belgian insurance company Ageas.

When it became clear at the end of 2014 that Gido would move back to the Netherlands and both Irma and Gido were looking for a partner to further expand their business, it was decided to join forces.

As of March 1, 2015, by merging Gido and Irma her BV, the current AnalitiQs was originated.

Between the moment of the merger and today, AnalitiQs has grown into a market leader and authority in the field of HR Analytics. The organization also consists of 25 HR Analytics professionals. Organizations in the Netherlands and abroad are served.


The AnalitiQs team can be called diverse. It consists of people with different study backgrounds (Business Administration to Artificial Intelligence), different education levels (from no completed vocational training to university), different generations (X to Z), has a healthy male-female balance (60%-40%) and so on. What connects these people, however, are two things. First, a love for data. And second, a deep interest in human behavior.


AnalitiQs actively cooperates with various organizations to assist our customers as much as possible in their needs. Below is an overview of the AnalitiQs partner network.

  • No Ties (sister company)
    Where AnalitiQs focuses on HR Analytics, No Ties focuses on Marketing Analytics. AnalitiQs uses the quantitative research software of No Ties and the No Ties panels (inVotes and Peil.nl). Via the panels, AnalitiQs can conduct job market research, for example the annual Benchmarks eNPS and inclusivity.
  • Human Capital Group
    HuCaG is specialized in job evaluation, compensation and benefits, outplacement, interim HR and reorganization. Where HuCaG needs data-driven insights and the techniques to obtain them exceed descriptive statistics, AnalitiQs joins in. Where AnalitiQs wants to support its customers on one of the above topics with policy advice, based on the insights obtained from the data, HuCaG joins in.
  • Mindcampus
    Every year AnalitiQs participates in the organization of the National HR Analytics Congress. The HR Analytics training courses of HR Academy are also provided by AnalitiQs. Finally, AnalitiQs regularly publishes in HR Praktijk and HR Strategie, two Mindcampus titles.
  • Fresh Forces – Game Studio
    ‘Serious game analysis paralysis’ is used during a number of the HR Analytics training courses of AnalitiQs.
  • True Research
    For qualitative employee and job market research, AnalitiQs works together with True Research / Erik Kraak.
  • Women Inc
    Diversity and Inclusiveness are two very relevant and topical themes. Where AnalitiQs helps organizations to gain insight into the Diversity and Inclusion challenges and opportunities with data, Women Inc helps these organizations to convert the insights into actions. Topics where AnalitiQs and Women Inc have found each other include equal pay, inclusivity research and internal mobility analysis.
  • Akoya Consulting
    For larger and/or international Strategic Personnel Planning processes, AnalitiQs works together with Akoya Consulting. Akoya is a strategy consultancy dedicated to HR issues. Themes on which Akoya is active are workforce transformation, data, innovation and adaptation. AnalitiQs also works with the Strategic Personnel Planning software from Akoya Consulting, Albert.
  • HR Tech Review
    AnalitiQs is an HR Analytics expert associated with HR Tech Review.
  • Online Marketing Agency Stramark
    For online marketing, AnalitiQs works together with Stramark B.V.

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AnalitiQs is technology agnostic. In other words, we look at the context of our customers and determine in consultation with the customer which technology / languages can best be used.

We look at issues such as development and licensing costs, functionality and future-proofing. We have extensive experience with the following technology / languages:

  • Data visualization
    • PowerBI (see the demo HR Dashboard for inspiration)
    • Tableau
    • MicroStrategy
    • Qlik
    • Spotfire
    • Excel
  • Data science / analysis
    • R
    • Python
    • SPSS
  • Data platform
    • Microsoft Azure (datafactory, datalake, databricks)
  • Employee Surveys
    • The research software “V” developed by sister company No Ties
    • Cultureamp
    • Effectory
    • SurveyMonkey/Momentive

Our team

Gido van Puijenbroek

Irma Doze

Irma Doze

Alex Hellemons

Claudia Ceton

Claudia Ceton

Michael van den Hoek

Michael van den Hoek

Ramona Boes

Marjolijn Cornelissen

Marjolijn Cornelissen

Wino de Vries

Wino de Vries

John Martens

John Martens

Jan Tuijp

Jan Tuijp

Koen Stuyven

Billy Griep

Billy Griep

Nele Wensauer

ninande vermeer

Ninande Vermeer

Sterre Visser

Ronald Lenselink


Rashel Mol

Erik Juliaan van der Gaag

Henrieke van Bommel

Kevin O’Driscoll

Stan van Loon

Joyce van Groningen-Plakké

Niek Klaver

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