AnalitiQs provides organizations with the knowledge and insights they need to make better decisions, and to follow the right course of action, through the clever use of data. We are specialized in predicting and explaining people’s behaviour; people in the role of employee as well as in the role of customer. Because of this specialization, we find ourselves working closely together with both HR and Marketing professionals.

Since its foundation in 2012, AnalitiQs has been building on a solid core of own employees and a flexible shell of carefully selected self-employed individuals and partner companies. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best, and to work together with the best. By operating in a network, we can assist organizations with all the steps and obstacles they meet on their data & analytics journey. From technical issues to challenges with regards to organizational structure.

The Founders

AnalitiQs was founced by Irma Doze en Gido van Puijenbroek

AnalitiQs was founded by Irma Doze and Gido van Puijenbroek. Irma loves anything to do with data. She’s a professional nerd, in the positive sense of the word. Gido really enjoys the moments when clients get wildly enthusiastic about the insights derived from reports and analyses. Gido and Irma’s mission is to let as many organizations as possible experience the power of data!

Irma Doze

Irma Doze

Gido van Puijenbroek

Gido van Puijenbroek

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