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In this case you can read how we conducted a dashboard!


Our client is an international insurance company with 14,000 employees in about a dozen countries.

In 2013, the Global HR Leadership Team expressed the wish for an HR dashboard based on locally available data as well as the alignment of some talent management processes, so that this group of people could be managed on the basis of a shared data set.

AnalitiQs was asked to assist with the execution of this twofold ambition. This case study focuses on the creation of the HR dashboard. A specific challenge in this project was that the subsidiaries requested that no personal data would be shared.

Global HR Dashboard - Case

AnalitiQs heeft voor ons HR Dashboards ontwikkeld. We zijn zeer tevreden over het meedenken, de begeleiding in het proces en de uitrol van de dashboards. We hebben gekregen wat we wensten.

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First of all, we created an overview of the data that was stored at the various subsidiaries, of the systems that were used to store data and of the themes that were considered strategically important by the HR director. We subsequently identified similarities and differences in the data in order to determine which key figures could be used for the first version of the dashboard.

We presented the basic design to the Global HR Leadership Team in order to gain an understanding of the support for it. The outcome was that key figures for general staff, recruitment, employment duration, turnover and salary would be used in the first version. Furthermore, it was decided that the dashboard had to be interactive, so that users could collect all the information they need with a few clicks (as long as their user rights permit this). It had to be possible to filter information, for example by company, age, salary, category or job family.

Once we had reached agreement about the dashboard content, we went on to define data and key figures and develop processes and systems. All companies involved submitted aggregated data via a web form. AnalitiQs compiled these data and enhanced them in a database. Finally, we presented them to the organization using Tableau. A few selected employees of the international insurer could access the dashboard via their Internet browser on a desktop as well as on a tablet and a mobile phone.


The new dashboard has undisputedly become the single source of truth for the company’s HR data.

Because of the excellent collaboration with the client, the dashboard also became a living organism, which is widely used throughout the organization. After delivery of the first version, several new versions of the dashboard were launched.

  • In the meantime more and more history was constructed, so the current dashboard shows more trends.
  • The system provides action-oriented information. For example, we don’t just give the age structure, but also the impact of pensions on the composition of the top management.
  • New resources, such as engagement, culture and talent management, have been made available on the dashboard.
  • The adoption of the new dashboard is growing; apart from HR, the dashboard is used by Investor Relations to provide input for analyst presentations/meetings.

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