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AnalitiQs built 4 interactive HR Dashboards, with each another theme. Curious how we did this? Read it in this case!


Our client is a financial services provider, operating in more than 20 countries. The Netherlands is an important market for this company.

The Dutch branch has around 4,500 employees and more than half of the company’s costs are staff related. The employees are a key to success, but also the company’s major expense.

The organization considers the employees to be of great importance and wishes to make their HR processes more data-driven.

AnalitiQs received the request to analyse the current situation around data-driven HR, to formulate an ambition together with the HR management team, to turn this ambition into a roadmap and to assist with the first implementation phase of the roadmap. This phase included the development of 4 themed dashboards.

Case - datavisualisatie


Our first step consisted of finding out which data was sent from the operational HR systems to the data warehouse and how these data were structured in the data warehouse. We also checked with Finance which programs might be used to build a dashboard for the data warehouse.

From the initial survey we learned that a dashboard could be developed for the following four themes: Salary, Absenteeism, Mobility and Recruitment. It was decided to use Excel to build the dashboards (using Power Query and Power Pivot) because this would not involve any additional costs and because everyone already had Excel installed on their computers.

Once the framework was established, we made an overview per theme of the key figures and filters that could be created with the available data and indicated to which extent these key figures and filters were relevant within the given context. Selected key figures were defined and where possible, target values were chosen.

After this, we began with building the dashboard. Once the building phase was finalised, all dashboard users were offered training about the use and maintenance of the dashboards. We also compiled a list of Change Requests for the data warehouse, so that we could develop the dashboards to a higher level.


4 interactive themed dashboards in Excel:

  • Salary
  • Absence
  • Mobility
  • Recruitment

These dashboards met the company’s request to receive more data/facts from HR regarding important HR themes.  Furthermore, the dashboards enabled everyone in the HR chain to communicate more effectively with line management and to identify challenges that might be addressed using HR analytics. Frther results are:

Change Requests, including implementation suggestions, to improve data storage.

End-user training for HR business partners, Learning & Development experts and Finance.

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