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In this case you can read how AnalitiQs helped the client to make the data-processes work efficiently.


Our client is an international insurance company with 14,000 employees in about a dozen countries.

In 2013, the Global HR Leadership Team expressed the wish for an HR dashboard based on locally available data as well as the alignment of some talent management processes, so that this group of people could be managed on the basis of a shared data set.

AnalitiQs was asked to assist with the execution of this twofold ambition. The main focus of this case was the alignment of the talent management processes and associated data, in other words: Data Management. The processes initially consisted of Succession and Expat Management but later on, Learning and Performance Management were added as well.


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First of all, we studied the current situation with regards to talent management processes. Were the various process steps aligned, was the timing of the various processes all the same, were the same types of data recorded for each process, was data being recorded in a scalable way and what kind of reports were being made? This initial analysis showed that the process itself was quite good, but the way data was recorded needed a lot of work. The reason for this was that the company mainly used Excel to record their data, which comes with some challenges including data quality, history maintenance and data security.

After this baseline assessment, we decided to introduce process automation for better recording, alignment and accessibility of data.  We started a selection process among a few talent management software vendors. Ultimately, Cornerstone on Demand (CSOD) was chosen as the preferred option.

After CSOD had been selected, the Succession Management process was configured, users and historical data were uploaded into the system and new reports were defined. The expat administration was incorporated in the CSOD system too. Since the standard variables didn’t allow for this information, some additional fields were created in the database.

The project was very successful and led to the automation of other processes (Learning and Performance) and the active use of Cornerstone on Demand’s ‘social’ functions. Today the system isn’t just used for the senior management, but also for subsidiaries in various countries.


  • A global employee database containing a standardized set of basic data and talent data that is securely stored and of which the history is warranted.
  • Aligned talent management processes, which are easy to carry out by HR, management and employees.
  • Improved reports which are easy to generate.

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