A vision is all about seeing opportunities and defining your ambitions. A shared vision inspires! A strategy subsequently gives direction to choices. Organizations that make choices are more successful, also when it concerns the implementation of data and analytics.

‘Where do you want to be in three years’ time?’ By reflecting on these and other questions you can create an idea of your data and analytics in the future. Questions such as: ‘What’s going well?’ and ‘What isn’t going so well?’ subsequently help in determining which steps are needed to get you there.

Formulating a vision

Would you like to be ahead of everybody else with regards to data analytics or would you rather stay on the beaten path? The first step is to determine your long-term goals.

Determining a strategy

The strategy describes how the objectives formulated in the vision will be achieved and it offers guidance for maintaining continuity in the longer term.

Defining the current situation

A brief or extensive screening of your organization will allow you to quickly get an insight of where and how things can be improved.

Developing a roadmap

Working towards your long-term goals! With a manageable and well-thought-out project planning, which contains milestones and interdependences, you’ll reach your goal.