Culture survey

Business question

One of the important factors that determines the success of an organization is the combination of values, norms, and behaviors that are shared in the organization, also known as organizational culture.

Changing market circumstances, or a merger/acquisition might require a culture change. However, many planned cultural interventions break down.

This can make the organization slower and less agile, demotivate the employees, and can ultimately result in suboptimal performance.

Our approach

It’s often said that culture is not tangible, but AnalitiQs does not share this opinion. Culture is perceivable and thus measurable and changeable using data-driven insights.

During the intake we will discuss how the current and desired cultures are perceived. Furthermore, we will reflect on the desired outcomes that the culture change should bring about. When this is done, we will use scientific models to compose a culture survey that’s tuned for the specific business question and the context of the organization.

Following this, the first survey is carried out to establish a baseline and after that periodically repeated to measure progress. If needed, the survey can be altered between surveys in order to respond to perceived developments and concerns.

During this process HR and line managers will have access to an online dashboard where culture change can be monitored. This gives them direct access to insights that support them in deploying a tailored approach to culture change.

If desired, the research data can also be used to analyze whether there is a correlation between culture (aspects) and business outcomes such as absenteeism, departures, client satisfaction, revenue, margins, and so on.


The culture survey provides insights about the adoption of a new culture as well as willingness to change in the organization. These insights enable HR and line managers to do targeted culture interventions. By targeting specific sub-groups instead of a general approach, the chances of a successful change in culture is increased dramatically. This way people feel heard and the interventions align with their needs, ultimately resulting in outstanding performance.

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