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Engaged employees that know their way around the organization, excel in their jobs, and are retained for a longer period of time is what many organizations dreams of.

Realizing this ambition starts when the organization makes first contact with the (future) employee and can come ever closer by monitoring and optimizing the onboarding process.

Are new employees shown the ropes and do they have the resources to be productive? Do they feel part of the organization and the team? Are the sufficiently satisfied to remain with the organization? These questions and more will be asked in an onboarding survey.

Our approach

Together we will decide which new employees should receive an on-boarding survey, whether there should be variation in function/organizational segment, and with what frequency check-ins happen.

Thereafter, new employees are approached for one or several surveys during their “honeymoon” period, for example between 0-30 days and/or around 100 days.

After the fieldwork HR and line managers can use an online dashboard to see feedback from the new employees, so the onboarding process can be optimized continually and employee segments at risk can be engaged with.

If desired, the research data can also be used for HR-analytics, such as: identifying causes of employee departures, identifying causes for absenteeism, or the relation between good onboarding and client satisfaction.


Insights from the onboarding research can helpful to get new employees up to speed faster, increase engagement, and to reduce undesired early departures.

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