Gender Mobility

Understanding the mobility patterns of men and women is crucial for any organization.

Business Question

The gender balance in the inflow, mobility, and outflow of employees can shed a light on the diversity and inclusivity of an organization. Therefore, it’s critical for organizations focusing on diversity and inclusion to have insight in the mobility patterns of men and women. Insights into these patterns can help answering the following questions:

  • Is the inflow of women sufficient to maintain or increase gender diversity
  • Do women have the same opportunities for promotions as men?
  • Is there are glass ceiling in the organization?
  • Does the organization have more/less trouble retaining women?
  • How likely is it that the diversity goals will be met?
Gender Mobility

Our approach

Using data from the organization’s HR personnel systems, AnalitiQs can create a visualized dashboard for your organization that can answer the aforementioned questions.

Differences between men and women are statistically tested, to uncover which differences are significant and which differences are most likely caused by chance.

Furthermore, predictions are made using predictive analytics to create insights into how the gender balance will look in the future, if the current course is maintained.

In the final product, a powerBI dashboard, the user will receive an overview for the entire organization and the possibility to drill down into specific employee segments. An example could be employees in their thirties, who have been hired in the last three years, and work in a specific functional area such as IT.


Research has shown that diversity combined with an inclusive atmosphere leads to more innovation and productivity, and to lower departure of employees.

Using this dashboard, an organization gains insights in its mobility patterns (inflow, mobility, and outflow of employees) for men and women.

Based on these patterns it’s possible to adjust company policies and to undertake targeted actions in order to increase diversity and inclusion in the organization.

Diversity at the top prediction model

A good male/female reflection at the top of an organization, often says something about the diversity in the rest of the organization. It is also a positive sign to potential employees that men and women have equal opportunities to advance to senior management positions. Many organizations thereby state in their diversity policy that they want to grow towards an equal(er) distribution in top management. In addition, in the Netherlands, but also in many other countries, it is mandatory for listed companies to have at least 30% men and women on their supervisory boards.

Thus, knowing whether enough women are advancing in an organization and whether goals are being met is an important issue. The ‘Diversity at the top’ prediction model of AnalitiQs offers insight into this.

Our approach

Based on data from the HR personnel system AnalitiQs creates a visualized dashboard, where differences between men and women in career opportunities are statistically tested. In this way it becomes clear which differences are significant and which may be coincidental.

Predictive analytics is used to provide insight into what the male/female ratio will look like in the future if the current situation is maintained.

In the final product, a PowerBI dashboard, the user gets an overview for the entire organization and is shown to what extent it is realistic that objectives regarding women in top positions will be achieved.

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