Labour-market positioning

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Business question

Having the right people in the right places at the right time determines the success of an organisation. In order to effectively attract the right people, it is essential to understand how the labour market perceives your organisation. 


Are potential employees familiar with the employer’s brand? Which positive and less favourable associations does the brand evoke in them? To what extent do they have a preference for a specific employer’s brand? 

Answers to these and other labour-market positioning questions can help in reaching the appropriate target group with an appealing message. 

Our approach 

During the intake session, we discuss the questions that need to be answered as well as the potential target groups to be reached. Subsequently, we develop research in close consultation. 

The ensuing questions are then presented to the relevant target group(s) through our Internet panel, and their input is analysed. 

Finally, we show how the various target groups view the employer’s brand and which adjustments should be considered to increase brand familiarity and attractiveness. 

If desired, the panel survey can be repeated periodically, so as to monitor the development of the employer’s brand. 


Proper positioning leads to more and more suitable job candidates, as well as shorter lead times in the recruitment process (i.e. the time-to-hire). 

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Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The Employee Value Proposition and labour-market positioning are basically about the same thing: the value proposition for (potential future) employees. Click the button below to read all about it on our dedicated EVP page! 

Employee Value Proposition

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