Reasons for departure

Business question

A (regretted) departure of an employee can easily cost 50% of a year’s salary and can cause unrest in the organization. By keeping undesired departures under control, HR can have a direct contribution to organizational outcomes.

Our approach

During the intake we discuss which categories of leavers should be approached (regretted/unregretted departures). Furthermore, we will align with the organization to decide how to best approach the employees in scope.

Thereafter, departing employees will receive a short survey which, amongst other questions, will ask about the reason for leaving the organization, suggestions for the organization, to what degree they would recommend the organization (eNPS), and if/where they have found a new challenge.

HR and line managers will get access to an online dashboard with the feedback from departing employees. The aggregation of this feedback can be used to make adjustments to the organization in order to increase retention and drive down avoidable recruitment costs.

If desired, the research data can be used for HR-analytics, such as explaining why exactly people are leaving the organization, or predicting flight risk.


Insights that will help reduce employee churn is the outcome of this service. This reduction will help keep productivity at an optimal level and will save on recruitment, training, and other sizeable costs related to churn.

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